16 December 2009

Three months of what?

So what did it? I fell, actually I was knocked to the ground early one morning. Hazy memory. Weird feeling, stiff and aching, not quite well. Back to bed thinking what if something is not ok? Back to sleep, back to work. Laugh about it.
The next day my left ear is full, full of what? Noise? Water? Kind of full, want to blow my nose, clear it, jiggle my finger in it. Odd. Gets worse, develops into some sort of amplifier sending outside noises into my head at a higher volume. Wait a minute: I know this! Happened before, long time ago, juggling demanding job, childcare, social commitments and various challenges. Out for a week with a drug called serc. Dr Oliver said we don't know why it works and how it works but it works, and so it did. Then again, when, four, five years ago cycling through a massive heatwave, 50+ km/day, arriving in Dresden at midday, maybe too much coffee, no aircon at the hotel, not enough water, heavy thunder at night and next morning my left ear sends Micky Mouse tweets instead of voices, all outside noises boom around inside my head. Abandon the bike and off to a specialist - this always happens on weekends! - at the local university. Hearing ok, maybe stress, take these pills, no coffee, rest a bit and stay out of stress and heat. Two days later I am on top of the world again and all is well. My Dresden adventure.
Back to now, or back to early Sept: A weekend of noises inside my head amplified through my left ear send me to the ENT specialist on Monday who found nothing, told me it's safe to get on with life as usual. But how with such a noise level inside and outside. I decide to stay home for the rest of the week.