04 May 2010


This is the strangest thing that being ill has brought me. He phones, he drives long long distances at the drop of a hat to bring me to and from doctors and hospitals. He messes about with car seats and air conditioning and a selection of cds to make the car journeys as enjoyable as he thinks he can. He gives me his strange version of pep talk and shows sincere concern and affection. I feel I never met this man before.
And even weirder is the fact that I cherish it all.


  1. Why is it weird that you'd cherish this show of affection and concern?

    Hmm. I may be intruding into your privacy, S, by asking that question. So if you don't answer, it is okay. I'd understand. I'm still curious, but I'd understand. :)

  2. Classic drama: overachieving academic parents demanding their idea of excellence with little else in return, middle child escaping from this and a couple of other monsters as soon as possible to live and breathe open air - I am the traitor and family memory is a nasty weapon.

  3. When i was a kid we ran amok. My mom's motto was 'suck it up buttercup'. She's waaaay more overprotective now than when i was a little fourth grade, deviant, wreaking havoc and whoopersnapping it up.