24 July 2010


Looking back I should have seen this coming. But that's the thing about hindsight, it's so bloody useless.
Last Sunday, the alarm bells (hindsight!) were pretty loud and clear when we returned from a shortish cycle along the river which sent me puffing and shaking onto the nearest bench before I was able to make it home. I was crawling through the next couple of days battling increasing nausea and exhaustion. Tuesday drove down to W to see Dr B (pre-arranged check-up) and back along the river with a lunch break in a tourist spot surrounded by baffled British school kids on exchange to picturesque mediaeval towns and Roman remains. On Thur another visit from the mother of all headaches and shrill alarm bells (hindsight!). After a rough night with shivers and hot flashes and bouts of heavy nausea the world started to spin just after breakfast and continued to do so for most of the day. Today, my head feels so tender and sore, every movement starts a series of spins and I feel as if I'm under water.
Wow, so what the fuck is this. I have done everything according to the books, doctors! And it feels I am back at square one. Dr K suggests to contact the clinic in W if things don't improve by next week.
Wait, get this straight: I have had vertigo attacks for years. Granted, rarely as heavy as this one (or the one last September or the one last February) but it's nothing new. Sit it out, move with care, but move and bear with it. And be bored.
And: My hearing is fine!!!!

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