26 August 2010


There I was lying in bed this morning listening to the noises coming in through the open window: birdsong, a complaining cat, neighbours leaving for work, the usual. I was resting my head on my wonky ear and slowly slowly the roaring rumble inside it took over.

And this thought came along.
This is me, it's my roaring. It's been with me now for almost a year. It has frightened me so much, changing in intensity, changing sides, making me dizzy, distracting me no end and waking me up at night.
But I am still here, I can hear with both ears again.

Let's do this differently.
Let's try to like it. Show some compassion, accept it. It's me - for the time being.

The roaring inside me.
My roaring inside me.

(Says the little little voice deep inside of me and beyond it all: But after a while longer you better disappear please?)

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