16 August 2010

the universe

Yesterday we visited an exhibition on the wonders of the solar system in a very unique and impressive location - inside the giant decommissioned gasometer in Oberhausen, an enormously tall dome, almost dark, with sounds echoing from the walls and people flitting around on several galleries. Just below the top hung this enormous model of the moon, gently swaying in the air.

I listened to the Voyager Golden Record, sounds of surf and bells and rain and horse-drawn carriages, Beethoven, Mozart and Gregorian chant and a tiny child's voice saying "greetings from the children of planet earth" and felt so lost and insignificant yet comforted at the same time.

Later, I sat down for a while and watched some kids with sparkling runners skating on the platform below the moon. It was so dark, all you could see was the neon pink and yellow lights from their heels accompanied by their echoing shrieks of joy.
And I had to laugh and cry a bit, me and my stupid self-centered pity and selfish misery.

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