19 September 2010


Yesterday I received the letter from the department of social affairs informing me that due to this weird autoimmune disease I am now officially recognised as a disabled person.
With it comes a nifty little ID card with a sick looking mug shot of a person vaguely resembling yours truly.

It translates into a small tax free allowance and a few other goodies such as reduced entrance fees to selected museums, shows, cinemas etc. but most importantly it could mean that I cannot be fired - provided I get well enough to work at least 1-3 hrs/day before the end of February 2011.

Not bad, eh? But it was a black day, really. I cried over the words "valid for an undefinite period". And honestly, I would pay double, triple for movie tickets if only I could get well enough to just go there.

But then again, this is one thing I set out to get and it was not easy. So, yes, cheers!

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  1. Your posts. Thank you.

    I will be in Torino in the third week of October, and then maybe on to Brussels, St. Nicklaas, Ghent, Bruges... mindful of the borderlines with Germany and I will be thinking of you being somewhere there.