20 September 2010

my job

I made it to my office this morning, managed almost two hours, two really exhausting and frustrating hours talking to two of the four people replacing me. Nice women, one is trying her level best, no doubt about that, but she hasn't enough time and she shares my frustration because she has an idea what needs to be done. The other is flaky and not keen. She did almost nothing of the stuff I so carefully and painstakingly explained and detailed for her with screen shots and powerpoint slides. So the backload from her desk is overwhelming.
This really pissed me off and I felt like chucking it in on the spot. No way will I be well enough to straighten this up in time. This is not my responsibility, I know, except that I do feel that.

And I was exhausted when I got home. Too tired even to relax, aching to my bones. Scary, quite a bit.

Later on I went with R to the hardware store, the whole food shop and in the end we had dinner in the fish restaurant and a coffee at BaGo under the trees. And at some stage these words just came: I don't need to get back to that job. Anything is possible. I don't need this.
And R said, exactly, and we just moved on to the next subject.

Then again: I did it. There! Maybe there is a way? Work? One, two hours a day? My desk? My job?

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