29 September 2010


  • finished a soppy novel about a childhood summer picking cotton in 1950s southern US, in bed with the window open and the cold air rushing in
  • read absolutely all of today's paper for breakfast
  • reviewed a translation of a Jane Goodall talk (ruffled the translator's feathers with my changes - tough)
  • started to review a translation of a wikileak/Julian Assange interview
  • received a paper on women and NATO to translate 
  • spent 45 min with my physiotherapist angel
  • did all three sudokus in today's paper and the one from Sunday's Observer for lunch
  • answered a phone call from my boss who wants me back no matter how many hours I may be able to work
  • drove to my office and spent 90 minutes at work
  • chatted with U who just returned from hillwalking across Madeira
  • followed G and W's blog about cycling to China, they have now reached the Black Sea
  • sat in the car reading and, when it got too dark, sleeping while waiting for R to come back from his run
  • cooked microwaved ready made frozen dinner
  • injected weekly dose of MTX
  • collapsed in front of TV watching another political superficial talk show on the 20th anniversary of German reunification
  • managed to ignore symptoms occasionally
  • spread my bits of activity through the day as if I was carefully squeezing toothpaste out of the last precious tube

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