30 October 2010

small hours

There are times in our lives
when patience is more important than efficiency,
when it is better to cope with pain that to get on with work,
when acquiescence matters more than being in charge,
when it is more important to handle the loneliness of a long night
than to be up and talking during the day.
These are the times when we find out who we really are. 


  1. i understand this post from a position of physical and emotional pain...where i spent most of my life.
    to walk with yourself through darkness is a road to your soul.

    i have stage four endometriosis, hypothyroidism and for years had unexplained and god awful fatigue and body pain and very painful IBS. i highly recommend lef.org
    i used them as my health bible on the road to recovery, which was long, but after much searching and changes, i made it.

  2. I am back. Thank you for this little post.