11 December 2010

Becker et. al, Int. E Journal of Health Ed., 2010; 13: 25-32



Start  = disease or problem
Start  = health potential
Avoiding problems and its causes
Approaching potential and its causes
Eliminate risk factors
Create health (salutary) factors
Reactive - react to signs, symptoms, and indications of disease
Proactive - create conditions of physical, mental, and social well-being
Disease or infirmity is an anomaly
Humans are flawed and subject to entropy
Idealistic perspective - treat disease
Realistic perspective - go get health
Prevent pain or loss
Promote gains or growth
Prepare or help prepare one to live
Enhance capacities/potential for full life
Avoid/prevent from being pushed backward
Help/enhance ability to move forward
Against disease and infirmity
For health
For those who need healing cures
For those who want better health
Prevention of negative health
Promotion of positive health
Health promotion
Prevention of disease and infirmity
Outcome - absence of problem
Outcome - presence of a gain
Keep from making situation worse
Continuous improvement
Minimization of problems
Optimization of potential

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