23 January 2011

attempting a supportive email to a daughter who is a bit at a loss

My dearest,
while I was pottering around today and cycled along the river I was thinking of your mail and a few bits came up.
This will read a bit like a string of platitudes, sugary calendar wisdom, but here it goes:
Don't feel too driven to do something "useful". If you cannot think of doing something "good" at least don't hurt anybody or anything - and that's quite a task in itself. Striving for happiness is a killer, waiting is the skill.  It's day to day that matters. Living a day being careful and attentive and kind and honest. To yourself and those you encounter.

Write things down, always. And read it eventually.

And remember:
With unfailing kindness, your life always presents what you need to learn. Whether you stay home or work or whatever, the next chapter is going to pop right up.


  1. Hello S. It has been a while since I last visited here and I'm glad to do so today. I had been trying to work on a funding report and feeling a bit lost myself. Earlier I was cleaning my inbox and came across P's love letter last August. Broke down again, remembering that she wrote me a terse email to end the relationship 5 months after.

    So it is with such a tenderness that I read this email you sent your daughter. Yes, it is the day to day that matters.

  2. Good to be reminded of these things now. Herzlichen Dank!