18 January 2011

when Vivaldi came to Ireland

Of course, he never went. Or did he?
Hughes de Courson, French composer and musical nomad spins a story, interchanging Baroque instruments with Uillean pipes, flute and fiddle. And this makes for brilliant wake up music.


  1. Sabine, what incredible magnificent music! I've loved Celtic music for many years, but I've never heard it done quite like this. Amazing.

    And finally, I find your blog. You've commented on mine for a long time, but it was only now that your name linked here. I feel as though I know you, at least a little. And while I only spent a few days in the Rhine Valley during my years in Germany, I will never forget the beauty I saw there, nor the kindness of the people I met.

    May I add Interim Arrangements to my bloglist at RheumaBlog?