19 February 2011

Jean-Dominique Bauby and Julian Schnabel

I tried to watch The Diving Bell and the Butterfly but it I could not handle it, too upsetting, but kept on getting back to it sort of with one eye while playing spider solitaire on the laptop and then the music got to me so so so much. It will be in my dreams tonight.


  1. o my.

    i downloaded this song a couple three years ago from amazon after hearing it play on somafm internet radio (indie pop rocks) and it's on my nano and i do hear it regularly.

    somehow i forgot it belonged to anyone besides me. and i have not seen the movie because i'm afraid to see the movie, so when i clicked "play" i was so surprised and wondered how this had happened. how my song got into a video on your blog.

    but i came to. the mind is a silly, strange thing.

    p.s. i've read your tooth stories and feel nothing but sympathy followed by admiration at your survival.

  2. Thanks. Actually, I am thinking of watching the movie after all, but not by myself.