06 April 2011

18 months

take a seat here
stand over there
lie down here
hold your arms above your head
turn onto your left side
make a fist
touch your nose with one finger
and now with your eyes closed
breathe in
hold your breath
put this clip onto your nose
do not move
press this button if you need to come out before the end of the procedure
bend forward and try touching your toes
take off your shoes and socks
take off your jeans and sweater
read this
sign here
I will now rinse your left ear with cold water for 30 seconds
you will experience vertigo
these drops will dilute your pupils for eight hours
press here
do not blink during the test
the camera is inside the lens
you can pick up your blood test results tomorrow
your ear lobe will sting for a while

press this button as soon as you hear a sound
these electrodes will feel cold
how do you sleep
how is your digestion
when is the nausea worse
bend your neck forward
turn your head rapidly from side to side
stand upright and close your eyes
what is this scar from

before you go leave a urine sample

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