26 April 2011

colourful signs

Three days ago I noticed a large bruise on the outside below my left knee, it's about the size of my palm and blackish purple. I feel no pain and the skin is smooth and firm. We went through the last couple of days and all I can come up with is that I stumbled and probably twisted my left leg a bit last Thursday. R took a couple of pictures to show the immunologist - maybe.

And since yesterday I get blobs of blood when I blow my nose. They seem to come from my sinuses. Not much, but increasingly so. If my head didn't harbour all these potential scenarios for an eruption of my autoimmune volcano I would guess it has something to do with the dry air with its massive load of stingy pollen, but then again I know that a runny nose with blood can be a classic symptom of autoimmune vasculitis. 

Wait and see what happens next. The earth has not stopped turning. In fact, all is glorious colour and sound and smell outside. Too dry, much too dry and still too hot for April but a feast, really and my bits of red and purple fit in quite well.