19 May 2011


My head has not been ok since this weird massage treatment on Monday. That was an impulsive move, I know. Lesson not learned. 
Yesterday was all hazy fog and more roaring than usual and today is headache day, plus it's close and damp outside, hot.
Funny (?) how I can vividly remember some headache episodes, like that one unseasonally hot Sunday with Mona insisting on a proper Sunday walk with grandchild and UH turning up out of the blue and so much showing off and many unresolved conflicts in the air and the sunlight unbearable and of course the constant remarks like this is what you do back in your country? Really, with children that age?

Or my good-bye lunch in paradise with the minister and the board members and someone from head offices who had come over from Mauritius and who kept on topping up the cheap white wine. I remember sitting through the speeches thinking, soon I must drive over the winding cliff road to pick S up from school. I laughed too much when I got the cheque because we all knew that my chances to change it into dollars or sterling were slim.


Dale said...

:-( What kind of massage?

Sabine said...

She was a young, sporty, most likely underpaid and very rushed physiotherapist, started without any introduction or questions after I had been lying for 30 min under a heat lamp on my front in a small cubicle in a large surgery with many such cubicles side by side.
Felt like a cattle market.
She kneeded and stroked and pushed up and down my neck and shoulders and back for about ten minutes and told me to raise the handle bar of my bicycle. I would not remember her face as I barely cought a glimpse trying to turn my head while lying on my front.
I hated it.
Got a doctor's prescription for 4 sessions and cancelled the rest.

Jayne said...

Oh Sabine, it is an awful thing trying to function, even perform ordinary daily chores with those kinds of headaches. I suffer chronic migraines, and when they hit I am completely out of commission. Takes days to recover, pushing through that dense fog.
I hope your feeling better now. :)

Sabine said...

Jayne, thank you. I hope you don't suffer too often from these migraines.

Dale said...

Argh. What are people thinking of? Good for you, canceling the rest of them. The last thing you need is somebody making things worse.