17 May 2011

Maybe there will be a time when I look back and remember that in spring 2011 my menopause started. For the moment, I am quietly elated. When I mentioned this to U today, she laughed in disbelief. 
Dr B told me that hot flushes are child's play compared to the fever episodes I had during the early months of getting ill.  And right she was. She also told me that a hot flush usually lasts not longer than 90 sec max.
Well actually it's nice to experience something so normal. So predictable and natural. There I am sitting behind the steering wheel in a traffic jam and this hot wave is gently washing over me tingling and leaving a soft dewy feeling on my face. And all I wanted to do was roll down the window and shout, hey, I am alive.


  1. :-) you betcha. Some of the things people complain about, you know they've never really had their body jerk them around; they think they should be able to control everything about it.

  2. Oh Sabine, I love this post... Menopause as refreshing. And yes, very predictable and normal. Makes me look at it in a whole new way.