30 July 2011

hate is not the answer

Bano Rashid was 18 years old and had many plans and dreams. She wanted to become a lawyer and a member of the Norwegian parliament. For the upcoming local elections in September 2011 she was standing as a candidate of the social democratic party. On 22 July 2011 she met her role model Gro Harlem Brundtland on the island of Utoya and they had a lively discussion. A few hours later Bano was shot dead by an extreme right-wing killer. 
With her Kurdish parents, Bano had come to Norway as a refugee. 
At the specific request of her Moslem family the memorial service was held in a Christian church attended by an imam and a priest. Her mother said at the service: The answer is not more hatred but more love.


  1. Thank you for this, Sabine.

  2. Love through misery ... if only we all had such strength ...

  3. How sad, and beautiful, and true.
    I am glad for the personal tone of this post. It really hits home.

  4. It's always personal, every victim is a person, anywhere.