06 July 2011

tail wind

Well, first of all he paid up. Surprise. Surprise. And with most of the money I bought myself wings, my wonderful new set of wings. A pedelec is not a little scooter or whatever, it is a bicycle with a little electric motor that is activated while pedaling. It feels like cycling with tail wind. When I switch off the motor it is simply a snazzy trekking bicycle.  
And it's so, so liberating. I am back on two wheels and my mind races and I am thinking of all the trips we had planned: crossing the Alps, continuing on along the Danube from Vienna to the Black Sea or the one we were about to start when I got sick, from the Rhone glacier in Switzerland to the delta in France - or maybe only as far as Geneva.
But that's dreaming.
I am dreadfully nervous, afraid of overdoing it. And I am knackered at the end of a day with only 20 km done.


Dale said...

Hell, 20 km is nothing to sneeze at!

That's great! I'm glad to hear it.

Jayne said...

This makes me smile, because I know you can do it. :-)