27 August 2011

The cat is jealous because I am looking after the two bunny rabbits from next door for a week. Every time I climb through the hedge with my carrots and a handful of hay she hisses at me and whenever I sit down she climbs onto my shoulders and digs her claws in before she gets on with the purring - very loud and very uncomfortable.
Made lots of tomatoe sauce from the massive harvest. And there are more, lots more. Tomorrow.
S made it through her surgery and as a reward she went to see Dylan Moran live. That's the spirit, good choice. She also fell in love with her doctor and the nurses.
And now it looks like we have little bitchy battle with the fancy health insurance outfit on our hands because - aah what the hell. I am postponing all thinking and arguing and basically all mental stress until we get the final results.
Yesterday when I went to work the thermometer said 34°C, this morning it was 13°C. Weird, weird and cold.
My teeth are hurting - again, and it's really only a small bit of sore gum, I think, I hope. 
All in all, I am hanging in there like a limp sack of beans.

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Rouchswalwe said...

Halt die Ohren steif, gelle!