29 November 2011

I was in the kitchen, making chocolate pudding when it started,  my mother used to tell me. And it was really easy, hardly any labour. You were born just minutes after we got to the hospital. What a pleasant surprise, but still - the disappointment that you were only a girl. Ah well.

She really wanted this second baby, my father tells me today, she looked after herself, plenty of rest, she was very happy during the pregnancy. You know how she had this thing about sons, but apart from that, you were very much a planned , a wanted child. And she tried to enjoy having another daughter, she sang to you, give her some credit.


  1. Is it your birthday today, Sabine? Sending love, regardless.

    Deeply appreciated the teaching on anger by the Dalai Lama. Thank you for posting that.

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  2. Thank you! Yesterday, I am now 54 years old I think...

  3. I'm late to the party! But herzliche Glückwünsche vom Herzen to you!!