27 January 2012

for the record

It is so uplifting to receive comments, you have no idea.
You know the feeling when you open a window to air the room and all the noises and smells come in from outside? And the sunlight? Sort of like that. Thank you.


  1. for the record, let me leave a comment! I always enjoy my stops here. Thank you for sharing what you share!

  2. yes indeed. thank you for your thoughtful comment on this over at my blog. i look forward to reading more here. and to commenting, too (when i'm able to push through overwhelmed, my more or less constant state of late).

    you write beautifully.

    also, i went back and read your very first post. i felt i was reading about me. i felt a little shock of recognition at the general feeling of being not quite well for a long time, the denial of it. this should finally prompt me to pursue answers, a resolution i have not yet managed to make good on in the new year. thank you.