17 January 2012

The inevitable frost came at last and that's the end of the nasturtium, but you were warned. The thing about frosty air and cycling is the runny nose and of course the way the cold wind stings and gets inside all the way through the tiniest gaps of the scarf wound half way across my face. And those fancy extra strength thermo mittens are a waste of money. But let's not get carried away here, this is nothing.
A gang of super idealistic people has occupied one of those empty office buildings that were meant to make Cork city shiny and modern. Another group is squatting in the empty BoI in Belfast. Cheers me up no end despite the fact that they will most likely be kicked out soon, maybe even before they get into their first and unavoidable alpha male dispute on who can be king of the castle. 
Waves of deja vu and nostalgia: exactly 30 years ago. Funny how the wheel of time turns and comes back to the same ideas and hopes and dreams every so often. 
Would I do it again: no. 
Would I dream of doing it again: yes.


  1. Thank you for everything in your post today, accompanied by the introduction to the music of Michael Kiwanuka.

    Until Saturday, it was a mild winter here, too. Now there are several inches of snow. A single purple flower bloomed near my work desk on Martin Luther King Day.

  2. I too am a veteran of co-ops, worker and housing. Probably wouldn't do it again either, but happy people still do, and occupy buildings etc etc

  3. It was /is a great concept for life and work, but those endless meetings were hell.