08 February 2012

Heavy frost for the last ten days and more to come. Stories of frozen canals and schools closing due to burst pipes, while ice breakers are clearing the waterways to the coast. And records: coldest night in 20 years, thickest ice under this bridge ever, etc. I find it too cold to cycle. Good grief, this is the weather of my childhood winters, we simply walked to school when the air was too icy for the downhill runs on wheels.
I am fraying at the edges with stiff muscles and painful neck movements, another eye inflammation, sore throat and a general feeling of yuk. Ophthalmologist warned me yesterday that the immune suppression will have to be upped if I continue to have these inflammations. Ah please no!
So I watch the clear bright frosty world from indoors, shuttling my sore body to and fro in the car, waiting this out.
In a dream last night, Jenita walked up towards our house under the mango trees, Ki i dir?  she shouted all the way with a big grin on her face, her kids running along beside her.  Aw, mwan fatigue!   I replied.

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  1. "...waiting this out." Healing and light, from here.