07 May 2012

middle child syndrome

So off he went and bought himself that new car. And the shit is hitting the fan. In a Big way.

My brother, the one who speaks to my answerphone on birthdays, wants to make selling brand new cars to men over 83 illegal. So I have been told. I am to believe he said this to his face but I have my doubts. I  know he loves his father and he says all sorts of things, but to my sister. 

My big sister. She also loves her father but right now she has to avoid him, she is so mad. She will not say anything to his face, but she writes me detailed emails about The Shape of Things to Come (mounting debts, gambling, subscriptions to Reader's Digest, criminal investment spoofs, jail, lunatic asylum... the slippery slope downhill into disaster) and wants us to get power of attorney to save him from himself. The bad bad boy.

Meanwhile, the man is at a loss as to what is happening and silly me tells him (in as much as one sentence) and, well, the usual.  Oh dear.

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