24 May 2012

we were young


  1. http://www.natemaas.com/
    May I, unrelated : a photograph of the Rhine sold for 4 plus million

  2. Hi Sabine,

    the plug-in isn't working but I'd like to say a few words anyway. I just saw your name at www's, thought, that looks like a German name and came for quick nose.

    Your profile is a bit like mine, I too am alive no thanks to previous and medical history, but that's not very important in the greater scheme of being alive.

    I too am German, from the Rhineland, a translator (ex - now retired), agnostic.
    I have lived in the UK for decades and still dream of my Heimat.

    I would love if you came for a visit to my blog.

  3. RIP Kirsty. I just loved her. THanks for posting this!