21 July 2012

In less than an hour's time my child and her sweetheart will be on the last leg of their long long journey over here. I guess that at this very moment they are queuing up somewhere at Singapore airport. They only have to cover the last 10 000 km which is nothing. My heart is jumping in my throat as I am getting the beds ready and R is unpacking wine and antipasti and cheese and rinsing fat black cherries and apricots and little pink peaches.
I will bake a blueberry cake and feed the cat and then we will drive for a couple of hours to the big airport and check in to one of these big fat hotels right there in the terminal and try to sleep a bit before they land at the crack of dawn very early tomorrow morning. Excitement is too small a word for what I feel. We'll cry like babies, obviously.


  1. Her scent is in the air, yes? I am happy for you.

  2. O I know exactly how you feel. And then they descend and there are clothes everywhere and food and noise and laughter. Today the house is so quiet, so very quiet.

    XX Beth

  3. Huzzah! Banzai! Prost! Happiness abounds!