09 July 2012


So we did go and see Bob Dylan after all. For free. It was very pleasant, of course, we didn't see him, but we could hear him mumble and croak quite clearly there on our blanket under the trees, with all the other grey-haired hippies, watching the boats going by on the river, sipping tea and white wine, nibbling on the last of the Swiss chocs R had brought back from Zurich last week. The sun was slowly setting somewhere behind us and when it was over the sky was pink and gorgeous.
As always when his holidays start, R went mad in the garden with the resulting back pain. Doesn't stop him, he walks with a stoop like Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and is now trimming the hedge, all 47 m of it, on a ladder.


  1. I would gladly put up with a sore back if I could make my patio area look like the garden of my dreams.
    R by your side, blanket under trees, Bob Dylan - what a precious Overture to vacation time.

  2. I remember when you mentioned that a Bob Dylan concert was coming up, and that there was an option to listen for free. Outdoors. Glad to hear that you and R went.

    The lyrics to his songs have been running through my mind ever since I first listened closely to him when was 14 years old. The last time I saw him in concert, I had to listen very closely to even begin to figure out what he was singing, but once I did figure it out I knew every word by heart (-:

    He is looking fragile these days, but must be stronger than most people in that he continues to tour year in and year out!


    R as Riff Raff! I picture you and R laughing together in your beautiful garden.

  3. Oh those pesky ladders. we just hung up the 16 footer in the garage. At least it's light weight.

    As for Bob. Saw him in Madison Square Garden in 1972. He was a speck.