29 July 2012

Yes, you can have too many visitors, especially when  the guest list includes your bossy sister and all those cousins who came to gawk at my child. 
It has been a week of too much food, too much talk, too much heat and so in the end my body switched off and send me a heavy dose of vertigo. Thankfully, those who cannot handle ill health rapidly disappeared, while my lovely ones got the place sorted in no time and now all is calm and Sunday evening and I am working on getting my balance organs back into gear to stop the world spinning. All those silly thumb movements and standing on one leg with closed eyes (and bumping into the wall), while keeping my fingers crossed that it's only another bout of vestibular neuronitis and nothing else, thank you very much.


  1. wishing you stillness

  2. I wish you 'nothing else' Sabine, and hope that you are improving by giant leaps.

  3. As a Libra, I am sending you balanced thoughts!