15 August 2012

I will punch the next person quoting Khalil Gibran and how our children are not our children and so on in the face, hard, very hard. I guess he didn't have any kids himself and he never had to say goodbye to precious wonderful daughter at the security gates of a crowded airport, knowing that it will be at least two years before you can hold her again.


  1. Hit me hard hard hard - would like to meet you.
    Safe trip to Sunday's Child.

  2. Ai. Yes. That's a long time!

  3. I'll never forget the time I was sitting in the lounge waiting to depart when I witnessed a family saying goodbye to grandma and grandpa. They were all speaking Italian and the little kids started crying first and then the tears started flowing up the generations until finally even we strangers were crying and wishing them Bon Voyage and farewell. Terrible feeling. Poetry won't help and even Kahlil falls short in these instances.