10 September 2012

So, I've got plans. Of course I have. I mean, there are things I want to do and thinking of it makes me all excited. And I make a list of what I need and at night when I cannot sleep I try and sort out where I'll do this and how I'll do that and before I know it I can see myself all busy and involved and it looks so good that I eventually fall asleep over it. Some nights. 
But in real life, in real real life, I am just waiting until I had maybe a bit more rest, a couple of good nights, or until the latest itsy infection (gums, stomach, sinuses, nailbeds, all those busy eruptions) has cleared and and and. I am just waiting for the energy to kick in, just enough to get started, to get going and surely once I am there it'll be easy peasy.
Fatigue, my doctor tells me with a smile, you must make allowances for fatigue. It's easier if you do. Believe me.


  1. Allowances are not always easy to swallow. But we must be kind to ourselves. Busy and involved is good, but not in a constant state, not when our bodies need rest. Argh! So frustrating! *hugs*

  2. Sometimes I wonder where our body finds its energy to refuse us so many things.