10 October 2012

weather permitting

Neckar valley, next week, 320 km, bicycles are ready, we are keeping our fingers crossed for sunny dry weather


Ellena said...

I'm sitting here, open-mouthed ahhhhh, starring at the map. Takes me back to a short one-week ride from Horb going south to can't remember where. How long will you be on bike?
Be safe.

Sabine said...

Plan is to start Sunday morning at the source provided it has stopped raining by then and to go as far as we'll get in six days, but obviously hoping to arrive in Heidelberg with a day/half day to roam around there. Is there any place you want me to check out for you along the route?

Ellena said...

Thank you so much for your kind offer
Sabine. The only thing you can do for me is to thank the Landschaft around Horb, Tuebingen und Stuttgart for the warm memories it left in me.
I hope that the Neckartal will add more good memories to the ones you now have of so many places that filled you with happiness.
Again, have a safe trip.

Rouchswalwe said...

Wunderbar! I'll cross my fingers for perfect weather. Please drink something tasty for me!

Ellena said...

Wish you strong wind from behind, good weather und viel Spass.

Jayne said...

Sabine - Hope your ride is going well thus far. Looking forward to hearing more about it (you will tell, right?) ;)