08 January 2013

Happy Birthday David Bowie!

Imagine a 14 year old slightly akward girl, she has been told that she has a brain but she wants to be wild, she looks out for the odd ones, the school anarchists. She times her walk from school to the tram station so that she can follow this guy wearing an old army anorak with autographs from rock stars. When she eventually finds the courage and asks him to have a closer look, he proudly tells her about hitch hiking to the Isle of White Festival and Jimi Hendrix and The Doors and together they gently stroke the inky signatures of Joni Mitchell and Ritchie Havens.
Later that summer she moves to a small town on the east coast of England. A depressing place, high unemployment, strikes, school uniforms, Danny Osborn and The Partridge Family, fried eggs and toast. But in between the grey and damp, there is glitter and blue nail varnish and platform shoes and suddenly the world explodes and her head bursts open and the days and nights are full of dancing.


  1. I know someone who would have done the same, but when she was 14 the opportunities were not the same.Ja!

  2. Where are we now?

    I can picture that 14 year old. Your words bring memory and its energy to the present moment.
    So vivid.

  3. So vivid. And you were a very bold 14 year old, wise beyond your years, it would seem.