02 January 2013

internal dialogue

Intestine to brain: Hello? Stay off that pumpkin seed bread! Remember last night, between 4 and 6, no? Come on, you were cursing every seed you ate.

Brain to no one in particular: What's that? Is this yet another tinitus? Never mind, how about a slice of this gorgeous pumpkin seed bread.

Intestine to brain: Hold it, hold it, be a good girl, will you. No need to have another sleepless night.

Brain to no one in particular: That was a weird dream last night, sort of colicky, was it? About that bread, butter maybe? Or a slice of Manchego, a couple of olives?

Intestine to brain: For goodness sake, no butter or cheese! There will be cramps runs and you know that. But I seem to be talking to a wall here.

Brain to intestine: Is that you? What's up? I am thinking avocado instead of butter. Good, eh?

Intestine to brain: It's the bread, the bread with all those massive seeds, you fool!!!

Brain to intestine: Look, I am sprinkling cumin on the avocado. Cumin is good, isn't it? And no cheese. And only this one slice, I promise, or maybe just one more...

Intestine to brain: I give up. But don't blame me.

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