07 March 2013

Yesterday morning we woke up to no phone, no internet and no tv. And the eventual news that due to some problems blablabla this would continue for at least 24 hrs. We told ourselves that we were not bereft, no no not at all, and after dinner, just as we started looking for the scrabble, the phone rang and it was our lovely child calling from the other side of the planet. As usual we all started talking at once and R tried a couple of dad jokes and so on before we settled down and had a long conversation with many I-really-must-go-nows in between. And as usual nobody wanted to end the call until we bravely sent her off to work and settled down with this fuzzy feeling of warmth and nostalgia, both smiling and shaking our heads with wonder.
This child of mine is my blessing.


  1. Always-wherever they are in the world, and they do travel, fearlessly at times.

    May our children always be safe and healthy.

    XXX Beth

  2. Awwwww. I do wonder what life would be like here without the internet for a day or two as our board games (bought online by me at Christmas time) have not had the plastic taken off them yet!