23 May 2013

in the rain(y) forest

Well, well, well. It's certainly a cold May. A very cold May, she mutters as she struggles to pull on her mittens (!!!). And not only is it a very cold May, would you believe it, it also rains. A lot, as in: the river has burst its banks, the garden is a soggy mess and cycling is like taking a bath. Mind you, it's also quite pretty out there in the dripping green forest full of birdsong and I did stop to get even wetter but also just to listen.

There is a point of no return when it comes to cycling in the rain. Waterproof gear is tiresome stuff, all that swishing noise, the flapping when the wind gets caught in it and eventually, the sweat accumulating inside. Then again, cycling inside this cocoon through the forest has its moments of calm pleasure. But I admit that I rather get wet, especially when I know that there is a hot shower and a big fluffy towel waiting for me in the not too distant future. And for a while it can be quite fun to lick the rain that drops from my nose. By the time the steady trickle down my back has reached my toes I am usually home. Of course that doesn't go down well with R who will give me a serious talking to about my compromised immune system. And he is right and I promise to not do this every day. Silly really, because in fact I haven't the energy at the moment to do this too often anyway.


  1. We get a 'false spring' here in the NW of the USA. It warms up, we put away the flannel sheets and get out the fans. Then it turns cold and wet and gray again. We soldier on because we are tough and this is our lot. Although a hot bath is a lovely thing.

    X Beth

  2. Lovely forest and birdsong. Now I'm wondering which birds are singing. Good use of your energy.

    After warming up to 82 degrees, it's gone back to being a cold May here, too. Some years it stays cool until July.

  3. Am, I can hear a robin throughout, I am pretty sure also that there is a blackcap (similar to what you may call a warbler) and certainly chaffinch, but there are more and I haven't the faintest idea.