01 May 2013

It's not that I am desperately missing coffee, after all I have had three cups since January and the last one in particular made my life pretty miserable, but this is spring and there are all these cafes with outdoor seating under the flowering chestnut trees. Try getting a decent cup of tea in any of these. Not. Possible. Sigh.
On the whole the entire health situation is pretty shoddy at the moment. In other words: I feel like shit. Without getting into too much detail.
So today being a public holiday I did all the sensible things I could come up with, such as driving through gorgeous forests, climbing up on the ramparts of a 12th century castle, eating fried green asparagus with too much chili, clicking my way through videos of sleepy kittens online, booking our short October holiday on an Italian lake in a seedy hotel a stone's throw from George Clooney's villa (wishful thinking, it's not even on the same lake), cleaning up what the cat brought in, and now fennel tea, hot water bottle, bed, keeping finger's crossed etc.


  1. Oh honey. Take care.

  2. Fennel tea sounds just right. Sending love and
    encouragement as you take good care of yourself.
    I like the forest view through the thick wall.

  3. The forest always comforts me. And I can cry out loud. The trees don't mind.

    X Beth

  4. Ich drücke auch die Daumen!