07 May 2013

lilac wine

Awake in the night I make up my mind to stop making such a big deal about it.
I am done with all these what if thoughts. For the time being. Breathe in, breathe out, smell the lilac through the open window. Don't give me any of this positive thinking crap. I am floating.
The experts spiked my drugs today, this could just be the kick starter of high dose cortisone. Health has become an ongoing compromise of effects and side-effects. Not sure where I am right now. 
But at least I am somewhere. Who knows, maybe I am even here.


Dale said...

Aye, what if, what if, what if, there's no end to it. Hugs, you.

nmj said...

I love this song and was lucky enough to see Jeff Buckley perform in Scotland before his untimely death.