06 September 2013

Belgian music

The last hot summer night for this year. The air is so warm and soft. Hard to believe that this is all going to be over by tomorrow afternoon - according to the forecast. I can hear the hedgehog  shuffling around in the dark.


  1. To hear 'the' hedgehog shuffling in the dark. This hints at depths ...

  2. I do miss the transition from German summer to fall, even all these years later. Of course, fall is my favorite time of year, and in the north of Germany it was gorgeous (when it wasn't raining!). I also miss the hedgehogs--the mere mention of them (or one!) makes me smile to myself. They are such unflappable, benign and whimsical creatures. Cute, too.
    Enjoy the change of seasons, Sabine. Wishing you the best.