20 September 2013

in which I praise my mother - at last

She was brave. She was determined. She was courageous. She was cunning and beautiful. She loved adventure. 
She was clever, smart, intelligent. She loved science. She loved agriculture. She was an expert gardener. She could identify birds, plants, rocks, clouds, insects. And name them all in Latin. She could be a really good cook. Her yeast doughs never failed. She could sing and play the piano. She could speak four languages. She could solve the most cryptic crossword puzzles. She could knit, sew, repair shoes, wallpaper, paint, plaster, sand entire sitting room floors, chop wood, recite French poetry and make wine. And she could beat four egg whites into a stiff mound on a plate with a fork. Within a few minutes. We thought that was magic.

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