05 March 2014

mid term

First, I get to cut R's hair. The beard he does himself. Next, we go into the woods to loosen limbs and brain cells. And to find more signs of a very early spring.

After that, the house is full of builders, an old tree is felled, a new one is planted, the cat goes into hiding, and my balance organs shut down.


  1. You are so very gifted at offering so much in so few words. And those pictures. Powerful.
    I hope your balance organs have come back to life. Truly.

  2. Saved by beauty again. Your part of Germany looks so much like our part of the Pacific Northwest. Mother earth. Father sky. Tiny purple and pink flowers and spotted leaves. Sending love and healing thoughts. They are the same.

  3. The early spring is beautiful in your woods. I love seeing the green shoots and little flowers. I was noticing similar spots of color on our quick walk in our woods yesterday.

    I hope your balance is restored.

  4. blimey, that was like a long and complex story condensed to a few lines - a series of intense glimpses. wishing you balance and roots.