23 April 2014

This day. The morning sky a pale blue with towering clouds, no wind. Almost breathless walking through the garden, so much lush growth, whispering and swishing leaves and blossoms and petal showers. The birds are spectacularly loud, the little old cat dizzy with excitement but not too sure why. 
And so this day stretches ahead, sunny and mild. I start with one task, another. There you go, easy does it. See me now cycling up that hill into the deep dark green forest. Just like a thousand times before and still, every day like the first time. I am under the magical canopy with shafts of glittering sunlight.
To know that it will be here tomorrow. 
Work is moving a messy bundle of tasks, requests, loose ends.. slowly and carefully - politely, always - across my desk until all that is left is a smooth surface reflecting the evening sunlight. And again I dive into the forest, breathing in the smell of warm tree bark. Three large drops of rain, I race home under dark clouds. 
And finally, the garden again, a cup of tea, the little old cat asleep now below my chair. Happiness existed today, somewhere, I don't need to know its shape.