29 June 2014

It has been raining for the last 24 hours, nice and steady, long overdue. I sent R on his way to inspect and discuss various new solar energy gadgets at one of these gatherings where people teach each other how to save the planet or cut their electricity bills, whatever. I am usually too impatient to do this and am prone to sarcastic comments. 

You know the joke about two planets meeting in space? 
The first one: "How are you?"
"Not so well", the second answered "I've got the Homo Sapiens."
"Don't worry," the other replied, "I had the same. That won't last long."
Well, that's me these days and I better not dwell on it.

Instead I should be working my way through a riveting piece of publication on the latest groundbreaking research in laboratory methods to detect early prediabetes. 

But as usual, there is so much to organise on my desk and in the kitchen and so I dawdle and mess about like the next best teenager.
And there is my child's tired face to think about, the way she smiled at us this morning from the other side of the planet. She works hard long dedicated hours, she is skilled and smart and she has the bigger picture right in front of her, she is changing the world. I just hope her health is up to it.

Here she is aged nine months after R taught her how to read maps.


  1. Our young people give me hope. I try to give them hope, too. Thank you so much for posting the photo of your daughter with the map. Of course, I thought of jarvenpa.

  2. This post resonates with my mothering heart. I so understand. You raised your beautiful girl to fly. And now she does.

  3. We just moved to a college town on the north coast of California. It has a green party city council. It's partly why we came. There are lots of roofs with solar collectors, and young people dreaming everywhere. We came looking for hope and a short walk into town where we can shop for food and not have to use the car every time. I know for sure we'll have the walk, but the hope may take time. Your daughter looks interested in the world at such a young age. She must be quite a person now.

  4. I came home to a wonderful packet of flower seeds and chocolate and best of all, a photo of a midwife on a donkey.

    Thank you so much for your kind gift! I had forgotten I'd sent my address...

    Your baby (now so grown) is so lovely. Remember when they were plump and pink and delicious. And they are now in the world...

    XX Beth

  5. Some days are too full of the conflict between what we ought to do and what we want to do. But small children generally have their priorities right!

  6. I had never heard that joke and it is profoundly true.

  7. Germany just scored! I can imagine the cheering in the streets over there!