31 July 2014

Some days, I think what I do is a bit like probing with your tongue for the rotten tooth you know you will find. But still...

It's a plastic world - English from It's a plastic world on Vimeo.


  1. My mind became really quiet and then I heard Pete Seeger singing:

    "… I swear it's not too late."

    No easy answers. But positive actions we can take in the face of something so insidious pervasive.

  2. It's a plastic world in my recycling bin but I recently heard that the bins are emptied onto trucks that don't go anywhere near a recycling depot/plant.

  3. Same here, Ellena. The local authorities built huge waste incinerators and if these are not running to capacity, they make a loss. So some days they burn whatever they can get their hands on. But as this is illegal, local pressure groups have initiated court proceedings.

    My response is to avoid buying plastic whenever possible, e.g. I unwrap/unpack goods at the checkout and leave the plastic behind (stores here must recycle) and bring my own packaging material (paper and fabric bags and my basket - like my granny used to).