30 August 2014

The summer is over, so we are told. But wait, I know that September can be wonderful with long sunny days full of colour and balmy winds. Still, R tells me that now is the time for ripening and rotting. In horticultural terms.
I am making a note to buy a black dress, you never know. Be prepared.
My new GP decides I need to rest for 10 days, at least. Do nothing, sleep and read, she says. I dream of crying babies, complaining teenagers, screeching brakes and wake to find the little blind and deaf cat beside my bed, wailing and stubbing her nose into the quilt, unable to climb up. Can cats feel lost? 
Often, I just watch myself fraying at the edges, the taste of blood in my mouth mixing with the bitter sting from the tablets in the morning. Touching the small round bruises along my abdomen from the injections, this one, three weeks ago, this one from last week, the new one from yesterday. Insignificant markers of being alive and well. Sort of.
My biggest fear has nothing to do with health. I know I will not heal. My biggest fear is loneliness.


  1. Summer isn't over. Do hope you can sit in your garden and find solace there.

  2. Your biggest fear is a big one. I share it, too. Perhaps we can keep each other company here.

  3. Looking at the images from your garden. Reading your words. Thinking of you. Sending love.

  4. Sending you a hug from across the Atlantic, liebe Sabine! Those pictures from your garden really are beautiful.

  5. A most poignant post, my friend Sabine! Beautiful photographs and a most true articulation of a deep fear of many. May you never feel loneliness. May you always feel connected to beauty and peace and friendship!