05 September 2014

Bad news, I knew it. Had to happen.

It comes in threes:

Cocoa pod disease threatens chocolate supplies.

Coffee under threat.

The retreat of ice in the Amundsen sea sector of West Antartica is unstoppable, with major consequences – it will mean that sea levels will rise one metre worldwide. Quite rightly, this has been termed a Holy Shit Moment for global warming.

And that is before I started thinking about the bees. But the conference pears are fabulous this year, the figs are ripening and we have never had so many grapes. And, keeping fingers crossed, no tooth extraction.


Ms. Moon said...

I am sitting looking at the bay on a barrier island in Florida. Guess my grand kids won't be bringing their kids here, huh?

JO said...

Hard to know where to start, with threats about like that. So I suppose all we can do is carry on trying to be kind to each other. And drinking coffee when we can.