21 October 2014

In the middle of another one of these "It's surely all in the mind" days, what with the wind blowing through the leaves and all that pleasant autumnal showing off, I cycle down to my GP's office to pick up my lab report and it turns out things are not entirely good. But not absolutely awful, so there is stuff to discuss at my next appointment with the lovely immunologist. Which is on this coming Thursday. Provided the railway union will not go on strike again. They are threatening.

This time last week, we were on our October road trip and I was enjoying life in Italy and  now I have too many photographs to sort through. One will have to do for now.

Somewhere on the road across the Alps and through Austria and Italy I seem to have lost my digestive system. I do hope I will grow a new one in time. It's quite awkward, really.


  1. Not news I want to hear.
    Well, not entirely good is better than absolutely awful, as you say.
    And oh my- we do need digestive systems. So very much.
    May the train take you to your appointment without fail.
    Beautiful picture.

  2. gorgeous photograph!

  3. I hope you can enjoy the photos, even on those days when it feels as if that is all you have to cling to.

  4. Sabine, It's been too long since I've visited. The news I read is not entirely good, no. But good enough to keep on going. And going you do!

    I am so perplexed by these autoimmune ailments. Autoimmune issues seem to be at the root of so many diseases (if we call them that). I've been trying to keep my hair from falling out (scarring alopecia) for the past year. But not having good luck. It may be autoimmune related. It may not. Still so many unanswered questions, and all we can do is keep going, savor the moments.