18 December 2014

Once again, I have too many holidays left to continue working. It's absurd, I know. But there are apparently nine working days stacked up that I am entitled to not work before the end of the year and even if I wanted to, the paperwork alone would be bizarre. Being a public service employee is like living on another planet.
And because R is already on holidays, we have plenty of time now to argue about who should cook or do the laundry or should we invite people for dinner and when and who should cook then and so on.
Plus, we sleep in longer and longer every morning and mess around doing nothing most of the day and sometimes talk about all the stuff we could do and before you know it, it's dark and time to argue about who should cook dinner. 

So it was with great effort that I went into town and while I did spend a good two to three hours walking around the xmas markets with all the cute and crafty things and the tourists and the mulled wine and waffles smells, pretending to shop - I bought one tiny box of fancy gingerbread cookies for a friend - and a half hour in a crowded cafe reading the papers, I felt out of place, completely and utterly. There was nothing, nothing, nothing that enticed me one bit. In an effort, I looked through an entire display of fancy bed sheets, pure organic cotton in myriad shapes and colours, and all I could think was, who needs this stuff?  I walked past a stall selling about 45 types of French nougat and almost ran when this nice woman offered me samples. Ok, I don't like nougat but still.
On my way home, I briefly stopped at my favourite bookshop but I never even locked the bicycle. A lost day for consumerism at least as far as I am concerned. 


  1. And this is exactly how I shop. And how I feel when I'm dong it.

  2. That's Christmas!

    Very much enjoyed reading your recent posts, Sabine.

  3. Ah, the first few paragraphs sound very much how our early retirement felt to us. Now ten years into not working, we have learned to quietly let the days unfold.

    I'm not a shopper at all, so I loved reading your description of it!

  4. yes indeed, who needs all this stuff? I have given up Christmas shopping apart from a few stocking fillers for L.

  5. There should be many more lost days for consumerism in my view. Spending for jesus has, I think, got out of hand lately - so good for you.