26 January 2015

Really, I should know by now how to handle this. The usual waiting and observing, patiently, gently and with a positive mindset. In theory.
Actually, I am so much better at it. I think I am. I try to. Many people have suffered from a nasty cough and a touch of bronchitis with chest pain and all that exhaustion. Just because I have this autoimmune shit doesn't mean that it's something else. 
Ok, thinking back I can count the times I had anything as heavy as this on the fingers of one hand but obviously, I mean immune suppression, just use your brain, silly woman. 
Well yes, I do realise that this disease likes to dig into the lungs but hell, not my lungs. I am just slowly recovering from a nasty bout of bronchitis. So there.

Oh, and that snow from yesterday? Gone. Washed away by the rain. And the wind will carry me.


Ms. Moon said...

I am sending love your way.

am said...

Oui. Le vent nous portera. Sending love, too.

cara said...

Sending you strength and wishes for a speedy recovery. I know the fear, I had severe CFS for many years, as did my husband, and every time we get a cold or a virus that presents as something slightly 'more', we both retreat into this place where we silently worry that we're relapsing, that things are going to hell. Hang in there.

Rouchswalwe said...

Sending get better wishes and more musical hugs!

nan said...

thoughts of healing sent your way... across the ethers and an ocean.