12 April 2015

a week in Noord Holland


  1. Serene is the word these pictures convey to me.

  2. Love the wide open sky in Noord Holland with its reflection in the calm water in the first two photos. The ocean and sky and sun in the third photo look troubled to me. Probably because that's how I've been feeling lately. It's a needed reflection of my current state of mind.

    The thin royal blue wedge along with the pink tulips and the green barn is mysterious. What could be that blue? It's a blue that was used by Vincent van Gogh.

    About 45 minutes south of where I live is the Skagit River Valley, notable for its miles of tulip and daffodil farms. It is said that those farms export more tulips than the farms in Holland. We live in a climate much like that where tulips are grown in Holland.

    Have been thinking of you and R and your trip to the ocean and wondering just where on the ocean you were visiting. The ocean has been in my dreams this week.

    Thank you, Sabine.

  3. It is indeed a very serene place, and the pragmatic Dutch life style is a bonus feature. We stayed in a small village called Callantsoog.

    That deep blue line behind the green barn is a long bed of hyacinths. As in fact are the pink flowers, still too cold for tulips.
    The day we left, a very thick fog had come in from the sea over night and as we drove through this milky white soup, barely able to see the car in front of us, we glimpsed many more colourful beds along the road, appearing and vanishing behind more fog.